During this challenging time, and for the health and safety of all, here are recommendations on how to clean/disinfect Huggable Images Safety Training Dolls.

About Us

Safety Training Dolls: About Us

Huggable Images started working with the Kansas Traffic Safety Resource Office (formerly Kansas Safety Belt Education Office) in 2006 to create a custom plush “Booster Rooster” finger puppet for their booster seat program. Kansas was delighted with their custom plush rooster, but asked us if we could help them improve Child Passenger Safety in Kansas by creating inexpensive, life sized, training dolls to be used in the teaching of car seat safety.

After a year of prototyping and testing the first set of training dolls were put into actual training scenarios. Kansas was thrilled with the results and explained that programs like theirs throughout the world were in great need of a training aid such as these training dolls.

We have since added 2 additional sized training dolls, a preemie and a 4’9” training doll, to the original infant, 16 month old, 3 yr. old and a 6 yr. old, and are proud to be helping to save children’s lives throughout the US and abroad.