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What is the step by step process of turning my idea into a custom plush toy?

Custom Huggable: Before - Buck
Custom Huggable: After - Buck
Custom Huggable: Before- Otter
Custom Huggable: After- Otter

1) Gather your ideas and call for a quote
2) Create prototype
3) Approve the prototype
4) Production
5) Delivery

1.)    Gather your ideas and request a quote
Since your plush toy will be custom made to your specifications, a discussion with one of our designers will be needed to offer a quote. Some questions our designers will ask you are:

  • Size of toy (Average size is 6”-8”, however any size is available).
  • Quality level (is this a resell product or a promotional giveaway)
  • Complexity – how detailed, how realistic, is embroidery needed, will your stuffed mascot wear clothing
  • Is there a message you would like to convey with each toy
  • Image, photograph, hand drawing (not required but can help with quotation and clarity of your idea)
  • Do you prefer polyfilled (stuffed animal) or bean filled (like a bean bag toy)
  • Approximate quantity. We have been cost competitive in quantities as low as 100 pieces, but we can produce in any quantity you desire.

2.)    Create Prototype
With your involvement our designers will discuss your ideas in detail so that a prototype can be created that matches your expectations. If you’re unsure of the best way to convert your idea into a plush toy, our designers can guide you thru each point of the prototype creation. Discussions points include:

  • General design and shape
  • What materials to use
  • Coloring of your mascot
  • Embroidery placement
  • Printed message on custom hang tag
  • Any special requirement you may have

3.)   Approve the Prototype
Since our designers discuss the details with you in the creation step most of our prototypes are approved first time around. Once the prototype is completed, pictures of the prototype will be sent to you for initial approval. If you are satisfied with the pictures the ACTUAL PROTOTYPE WILL BE SENT TO YOU for your personal inspection. If there are no changes to be made we can move on to the production stage of your plush toy. If the prototype is not EXACTLY what you wanted modifications can still be made at this time.

4.)   Production
This is where patience is truly a virtue. Production time is normally less than 1 month. You may not hear from us during the production stage but please feel free to contact us at ANY time so that you remain comfortable throughout the entire process.

5.)   Delivery
Ocean transportation to the United States is about 30 days. Once your plush toy is ready for delivery we will contact you to make delivery arrangements. We usually use ground shipping with FedEx or UPS but we can arrange overnight delivery if needed. At this time final payment is due. Once we have received your final payment your plush toys will be shipped to you.

Your fully customized plush toy is delivered to your door.

For additional information check out the Custom Plush Brochure or Contact Us for more info!