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Huggables playing

We would love to have pictures and/or videos of your Huggable dolls in action!  We love getting them during training class, car seat checks, media events or just goofing off.    A few fun pictures we have received are of the dolls in Hawaii cruising in a convertible and hanging around an office on the file cabinets.   

 Who knows….you may see yours displayed at a conference or on our website.   Please send to   Thank you very much.  





Huggable Images training dolls now fall under NHTSA’s Public Interest Waiver.  A purchase price for one item under $5,000.00 has been been approved to purchase outside of the United States. 

Below is the link to the Federal Register dated June 30, 2015.  See page 3 for  the Public Interest Waiver




Child Cards for CPS Curriculum training are available.  Each set of cards will also include the recommended Huggable doll to use, located in the upper right hand corner of each card. 

All CPS COURSE Training Doll sets will be shipped with a set of cards.  Or you can print the below pdf, cut and use in the lanyard provided with your training dolls.  

If you are ordering any other combination of training dolls and would like a set of child cards shipped with your order , please note in the customer comment area online, on your order form or give us a call at 913-491-5800.

Child Cards ready to print





From September 29th 2014 through September 30, 2015.    This waiver applies to all States seeking to use section 402 and 405 funds to purchase the training dolls.

Here is the link to the Federal Register.







TRAINING DOLL SET INCLUDES:  17″, two 31″, two 38″ and 48″ training dolls $595.00

If you currently have Huggable Images training dolls and need just a few extra dolls to complete your set for CPS Courses, please call us for discount pricing at 913-491-5800.




Everyone Buckle Up

If this doesn’t inspire you to buckle up, we hope it at least shows you how your actions can threaten the lives of your friends and family members who are in the car with you. Seat belt use isn’t just a personal decision; it affects everyone in the vehicle and others on the road.

Utah’s Department of Transportation Super Bowl ad:   Zero Fatalities




In the News

This hits too close to home.  So sad and preventable.

Thank you CPS advocates for all you do to keep children safe.  These are the reasons why we continue to educate. 

Keep up the good work.

Baby killed in snow plow accident wasn’t in a car seat




Safety Training Doll update – Jan. 3, 2014

We hope you all have enjoyed the holidays!

Due to an increase in our costs we must increase costs to you so that we can continue to provide the quality and service you have come to expect.

Beginning March 1, 2014 pricing will increase by 3.5%.  Please contact us with any questions at 913-491-5800.  For a current order form, click on “Order Form” in the left margin.

Thank you for your business and most of all thank you for your commitment to keeping children safe.  Huggable Images has truly been honored to be a part of a group of such dedicated professionals.  We look forward to many years partnering with each of you.

Have a fabulous 2014.