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FAQ – Custom Huggables

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Custom Huggable: Before - Dragon
Custom Huggable: After - Dragon

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Cost can vary depending on the quantity ordered, the size of the plush toy, material and parts used as well as the complexity of your stuffed toy. Once you have your ideas together we can quote a price. Generally prices range from $6.00 – $8.00 for a 8” plush toy.

Quantity – The larger quantity you order the lower your cost will be.

Size – Common sizes are 6”-8” for a beanie type or stuffed toy, however any size you choose is available.

Quality of materials – There are hundreds of different fabrics to choose from, all ranging in price. For example there are inexpensive velour and expensive mohair furs that are a higher cost.

Complexity – A simple sample would be a Teddy Bear made from a velour fabric. A more complex example would be a plush toy of a person with realistic features.


Q. I’ve seen stuffed toys similar to what we are looking for $3.50 wholesale cost on the internet. Why can’t I get a better price?

A: Your item from Huggable Images ®will not be a standard/in stock item. Huggable Images ®only produces customized plush toys made to your specifications.


Custom Huggables: Before - Mr. Maroo Custom Huggables: After - Mr. Maroo

Q: What is the minimum order?

A: Generally a minimum quantity of 500 is required.  However, depending on the size of your custom plush and the fabric used to create your custom plush a higher minimum may be required.


Q: How long does it take for me to get my custom plush toys?

A: The process from start to finish normally takes approximately 90 days. Once we receive your idea a prototype will be sent to you normally within 30 days. Actually production of your plush toy is approximately an additional 30 days. We normally ship by ocean to keep our cost down and the delivery from China to you. Please ask your Sales Representative If you require your plush toy sooner, we do have other shipping options.


Q: How do I know you can match the colors I want?

A: If you require a particular color, the materials we use will be dyed to your specifications. If you have other custom made products such as T-shirts, or any other promotional product printed with you colors, ask your printer what Pantone ® PMS# they are using and we will dye your fabric accordingly.

We also can match any color from a box of 120 Crayola® Crayons. Please let us know the color and we will match the Crayola® color to the closest Pantone® PMS # and will dye your fabric accordingly. (Please let us know if we are matching the color when used on white paper or matching the color to the crayon itself).

A minimum order may be required to match PMS colors. Otherwise we will match your plush toy as close as we can with in-stock fabrics.


Q: What if our sales exceed our expectations. Can we order additional items and how long will it take?

Custom Huggable: Before - King Custom Huggable: After - King

A: Hopefully the sales of your custom plush toy will exceed all of your expectations. In that case Huggable Images ®can produce in any quantity you desire. Reorders normally take approximately 60 days from order date to delivery.


Q: Where are you products manufactured? 

A: Currently all of our manufacturing takes place in China.

Is your price your final price?

A: Yes, and No. When developing a custom product, there are many ways price is determined: quantity, size, quality of materials and complexity of the product. We can reduce or increase any of these factors in order to re-quote and alter your final price.


Q: What is included in the price?

A: Any prices we quote you include shipping from China and customs clearance charges. Our price also includes your own sewn in label. The cost of printing a custom hang tag is not included in your initial quote, unless requested. A custom hang tag is usually a minimal fee.


Q: When is payment due?

Custom Huggable: Before - Snake
Custom Huggable: After - Snake

A: We generally require 50% of the cost, along with a signed “Huggable Images ®Custom Order Agreement” to produce your plush toy. Once received, we will begin prototype fabrication. The remaining balance plus shipping charges are due prior to delivery of your plush toy. (Shipping charges incurred are FOB LA to your final destination).


Q: What type of payment do you accept?

A: We accept MasterCard, Visa, business checks and money orders.


Q: Does your production comply with US and international child safety and other regulations?

A: Our production complies with all US Consumer Product Safety Commission regulations, state regulations and European EC standards.


Q: How can I protect my designs / ideas from being copied?

A: You will be responsible for the ownership of the ideas and designs submitted. Huggable Images ®makes no guarantee that any given designs or ideas are not the property of another entity, nor does Huggable Images ®make an explicit or implied guarantee of the marketability of the clients’ ideas. If further information is required, please contact an attorney.