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Huggable Images ® specializes in making your unique mascot, image, or logo into a huggable plush toy.

Custom Huggables: Before - Eagle Custom Huggables: After - Eagle

Huggable Images ® will work with you from start to finish. Your plush toys can be created from pictures, sketches, t-shirts or just about any image you may have. Since the custom plush toy is made to your specific requirements, almost any imaginable design can be created.

Replicate your school mascot into a huggable stuffed toy. PTA fundraising and PTO fundraising efforts have raised as much as 50% profit for their schools while promoting school spirit.

As a plush toy manufacturer, Huggable Images ®can assist you in the creation of your own private label custom plush toy.

Check our FAQ’s for the most frequently asked questions for creating your own custom stuffed animals / stuffed toys, or take a look at the  Custom Plush Brochure for further information.

Learn the steps involved in creating your custom mascot or stuffed animal in our step by step process section.

Throughout our website you can view examples of the custom mascots we have created for PTA fundraising/PTO fundraising, corporate identity, consumer gifts and promotional products.

Consider the benefits of a Custom Huggable:

  • An excellent way to increase school or organizational spirit
  • A proven fundraiser that generates profits
  • A Huggable Image is customized to your specific mascot and colors
  • Brand recognition
  • Increased sales

Contact us to discuss your needs in more detail, and provide you with an overview of how our customized mascots can impact your future needs.

Custom Huggables: After - Henry Custom Huggables: Before - Henry